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Featured Scoping Comments
Lummi Indian Business Council: “Everything is connected.” “We must manage our resources for the seventh generation of our people.”

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Featured Library Documents

Whatcom and Skagit Physicians’ Scoping Request

Potential Health Impacts of Gateway Pacific Terminal Whatcom and Skagit County Physicians Request a Comprehensive Health Impact Assessment (HIA) be Included in the EIS Download: Whatcom and Skagit Physicians’ Scoping Request (PDF, 189 KB)   A direct impact of the proposed coal shipping terminal at Cherry Point would be eighteen or more 1.5 mile long […]

Citizens Speak: Tribal Nations testify at the GPT public scoping meetings

Selected comments from the general public at the Bellingham, Seattle, Ferndale, and Mount Vernon scoping hearings are posted. Thank you to Ivey Cone, videographer and editor, and The Center for New Media, for making these available.

Sovereignty and Treaty Protection for the Lummi Nation

Xwe’chi’eXen (Cherry Point) is once again the focus of interest on the part of a large corporation. The proposed development of a coal terminal on Cherry Point would have dramatic and long-lasting impacts on not only the fisheries and the Lummi fishing fleet, but also on the tangible and intangible values of this ancient and […]

Whatcom Docs Position Statement and Appendices

The proposed coal shipping terminal at Cherry Point will mean eighteen or more one-and-a- half mile long trains traveling across the state and through our communities each day and nearly 400 ships traversing our waterways each year. This will result in the release of significant amounts of airborne pollutants from diesel engines and coal dust. […]


This website aims to to provide accurate and easy-to-access information surrounding the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal project at Cherry Point, WA.

Coal Train Facts is a registered nonprofit in Washington state. We are independent and volunteer-based. Please feel free to email us at Info@Coaltrainfacts.org with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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